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From animation legend Chuck Jones comes the big cheese of mouse collections! Enjoy 19 remastered animated shorts featuring some mischievous mice and their daring adventures! Introducing Sniffles. He's cute curious and got a heckuva cold! In Naughty But Mice audiences came to know Sniffles as a sweet wide-eyed simpleton with a talent for getting himself into trouble. But over the years Jones had evolved Sniffles into an overly talkative but endearing nuisance. A trouble-loving twosome with a passion for pranks Chuck Jones let loose the mice Hubie and Bertie in the short The Aristo-Cat. A departure from his previous cute and naiv+ª characters Hubie and Bertie solidified a new direction for Jones. The change paid off with the Oscar-®-nominated Mouse Wreckers* which finds Hubie and Bertie tormenting their favorite nemesis Claude Cat with rapid-fire humor and sight gags galore. So steal a snack and scurry back to your hideout for some laughs and mouse-chief with the latest Chuck Jones Collection!

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