Jack Taylor
Email Jack at: Jack.T at TylerMedia.com
After nearly thirty years as a third generational show business kid, from circus, stage, music and producing, I finally found my way to achieving a childhood ambition to work in radio, on air and in the production studio. Recently moved to Oklahoma City and loving it! I've performed for thousands in the ring, to backyard birthday parties as a clown, magician, DJ and more. Spent some time producing children's events and even worked in theater. Studied under a few good chefs in the restaurant industry, learning the trade that would eventually help in landing me my wife, but my professional career love of my life has been found in radio. I'm on the air Sunday mid-day on Magic 104.1 KMGL, and then here and there throughout the week when I am needed to pinch hit. 
Favorite Color: Black-light bluish purple, maybe that blue that lines the runway at the airport at night.
Favorite Food: If it comes from the ocean, it better have scales!
Favorite Drink: Just give me coffee in the morning... and nobody gets hurt... Green Tea
Favorite Magazine: Mad or the Weekly World News
Favorite Movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey, M*A*S*H, American Graffiti
Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who, M*A*S*H, Smallville, Fringe
Favorite Male Artist: Elvis Presley, Miles Davis, Ludwig Van Beethoven
Favorite Female Artist: Aretha Franklin, Laurie Anderson, Pink,
Favorite Bands: The Pink Floyd, KISS, The Blues Brothers Band
Favorite Song: They're Coming to Take me Away Ha Ha!, If I Can Dream, Wish You Were Here
Favorite Album: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon, Elvis Presley - Reconsider Baby, Miles Davis -Bitches Brew
Favorite Sports: Love baseball. I'll watch any game, but I always root for the Texas Rangers!
Favorite Hobbies: Music, rhythm guitar, culinary arts, disc golf, gaming.
Favorite Heros: Wolfman Jack, Superman, Dr. Johnny Fever, Luke Skywalker, Bruce Lee and Moses