Rachael James
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An Oklahoma native, Rachael started out in radio by volunteering to answer phones and hand out prizes at a station in 2002. Since then she's been blessed to work on-air at six different stations around the OKC metro and currently spends her time between sister stations Magic 104.1 KMGL and 107.7 KRXO. In her free time, she enjoys cheering on the Thunder/Dallas Cowboys, watching movies and writing pop culture and health blogs. Her other interests include spicy foods, slip-on shoes, stories about serial killers and mobsters, the smell of Christmas, PJ pants, songs in minor keys, people who take pictures so she doesn't have to, mix CDs from friends, popsicles and hugs.
Rachael Facts:
I'm deathly afraid of fish. Seriously.
You can always count on me for a "That's what she said." joke.
I've got flat feet.
I think everything tastes a little better with pepper on it.
I can't stand metal hangers.
I grew up on a worm farm.
I have my Dad's sense of humor and my Mom's love of art.
I tested out of English in college.
I think left handed people are generally more interesting that right handed people.
I love the smell of Carmex, permanent markers, gasoline and cigarette smoke.
Even though I do it, I find bathing to be too time consuming.
I hate shopping in general.
When you're hanging something on the wall, don't ask me if it's straight.. I'm not good at that.
Mathematics are my own personal hell.
I don't like chocolate or peanut butter.
I grew up around all boys.