Dave McKay

  Saturday Night Fever 7p-12a
 Dave was born in San Jose, California, and while he didn't get a scholarship to San Jose State University, he attended his 2nd choice, the University of Oklahoma. Dave and his hot wife, Kim, have one son, Timothy, who you can hear from time to time on Saturday Night Fever.
Here are few of Dave's favorite things:

Color: Silver

Food: Pizza

Drink: Fresca

Magazine: Rolling Stone

Movie: Saturday Night Fever

TV Show: Dance Fever, The Love Boat

Male artist: Barry White

Female artist: Donna Summer

Band: Bee Gees

Song: Dancing Machine, Dance Dance Dance Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah

Album: Saturday Night Fever soundtrack

Sports teams: New York Cosmos

Hobbies: Dancing! Playing Pac-Man