Dave McKay

  Weekdays 12pm - 3pm
  Saturday's 7pm-Midnight
  Dave was born in San Jose, California, and moved to Oklahoma to attend the
  University of Oklahoma. Dave and his wife, Kim, have one son, Timothy,
  who you can hear from time to time on Saturday night's.
Here are few of Dave's favorite things:

Color: Red

Food: Pizza

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Magazine: Sports Illustrated

Movie: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory or any James Bond movie

TV Show: Modern Family

Male artist: Phil Collins

Female artist: Sarah McLachlan

Band: a-ha

Song: In The Air Tonight

Album: Mirrorball

Sports teams: San Francisco Giants, San Jose Sharks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma City Thunder

Hobbies: Playing with my son, riding bikes, lounging