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Jennifer Leigh
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Jennifer was born in Duncan , but calls Chickasha her hometown (being that she graduated from high school and college there) Go Fightin’ Chicks! She attended the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and received a BA (note: not a BS) in Communication. She got her first major radio gig at Magic 104.1 hosting the EXTREMELY popular evening show “Magic After Dark” (anyone remember that show?). Next, she spent some years in Tulsa working for Magic’s sister station KBEZ…..Finally, it was back to Oklahoma City, to be the Promotions Director for Magic’s other sister station KRXO…And now we’ve come full circle and she’s hosting the afternoon show! Wew what a trip!

Here are few of Jennifer’s favorite things:
Color: Blue
Food: Mexican
Drink: Something cold
Magazine: Rolling Stone
Movie: “To Kill A Mockingbird”
TV Show: "Lost" and "Mad Men"
Male artist: Bono
Female artist: Madonna
Bands: Heart, Fleetwood Mac, U2
Song: “In My Life” by the Beatles
Album: “Little Queen” by Heart
Sports teams: Sports? What’s that?
Hobbies: Music, Music, Music, playing guitar, writing songs, pretending to be a rock star in my living room.


Posted 2/3/2010 3:55:00 PM
Hey!  You guys can follow me on Twitter and Facebook!  My Twitter is jenmagic104 and I'm Jennifer Leigh on Facebook!  How else are you going to hear what's in my brain????? 
And don't forget my new feature!  It's Magic's Lost Lyrics (nothing to do with the tv show believe it or not!) at 4:20pm each day!  I'll test your skills with some of the very best songs!  Of course, we still have the Biz Quiz at 5:40pm!!   More fun than a Taylor Swift/Kanye West chess match!!!

 Jennifer - NKOTB