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Bernadette's Fun Creepy Crawlies


3 Sunkist® Lil Snapper citrus, divided

1 Stemilt Lil Snapper apple or pear

2 blueberries (or garnish of choice), for eyes

1 box raisins


Slice one citrus fruit in half crosswise and lay each half flesh-side down on serving platter/board, to create “bodies” of crawlers. Slice remaining two citrus fruits into cartwheel halves* and position 8 halves, rounded peel-edge up, around “body” of each crawler to form “legs.” Slice off stem end of apple or pear, approximately 1” from stem end; then halve lengthwise to produce two “heads.” Position each “head” against body of crawler, flesh side down; secure with a toothpick, if desired. Attach blueberry eyes & raisin antennae with toothpicks.

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