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Deni's Twinkie Tiramisu


3 tbls instant espresso powder

3/4 cup sugar

8 oz. whipped cream cheese

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups heavy cream

10 Twinkies halved lengthwise

4 oz finely chopped semisweet chocolate


Place espresso powder and 1/2 cup sugar in a heatproof bowl. Pour 1 cup boiling water into bowl and whisk to dissolve. Let cool to room temperature. Combine cream cheese, vanilla and remaining 1/4 cup sugar in a large bowl and beat with an electric mixer until smooth. In another large bowl, beat heavy cream until it holds stiff peaks. Gently fold cream cheese mixture into whipped cream. One at a time, dip 10 Twinkie halves into coffee mixture just to moisten. Place them alongside each other in bottom of a shallow 11-by-7-inch baking dish. Spread half of cream cheese mixture over Twinkies, then sprinkle with 2 oz. chopped chocolate. Repeat with remaining Twinkies, cream cheese mixture and chocolate. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until well chilled, at least 3 hours or up to 2 days.

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