"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened"
Anatole France

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Two of a kind...almost!

Pet’s Name Lil'Ann & Ol'Dan
Breed IG/BT mix and Great Dane
Age 2 & 2 presently, 1 at time of picture
Submitted By Ashley and Cody
Interesting Tails… er, uh Tales Lil’Ann had been lost and then held captive by those who “found” her. All the while Ol’Dan became very depressed and heart sick for his little companion. In the process of searching and pleading for her return we tried to find a stand in friend for Dan. We barrowed our parents dog, we even adopted another dog for him to play with, but they got nothing but a cold shoulder. Well, after weeks of Dan hardly eating we were fortunate enough to find Lil’Ann. Because of a story I heard on the News about Petfinder.com. Someone from the Hurricane Katrina was looking for their Dog posted a missing add. Then someone else posted a “Found” ad. Then a third person saw the two (over a year after the storm) and put them together and everything was happy ever after. So I thought, “Just maybe the same thing will happen here”. I posted our missing ad, with in 3 days someone contacted me and said they think they found our dog on another website that was posted as found….Turns out she was right.
Submitted by Ashley from SW OKC On 6/28/2008