"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened"
Anatole France

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Pet’s Name Buddy
Breed min pin
Age 2
Submitted By Michelle
Interesting Tails… er, uh Tales Buddy is a fun loving dog he likes to play fetch a lot. You can hide his toy and tell him to find it and he will. He also likes to give hugs. He will climb up on me and put a paw on each shoulder then lay his head on me. He also likes to sleep right next to me under the covers. Buddy is a great friend I have only had him for a year but within that year we have become great friends. I never thought I could get close to another animal after losing my dog, best friend of 7 years when she died. It took about 3 years then I found buddy. I love him dearly and we are hardly ever apart he is truley a womans best friend.
Submitted by Michelle from Elmore City Ok On 8/16/2008