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Day 2 of Where In The State Is The Magic Man 2009
Posted 5/5/2009 6:00:00 AM
Day 2:  On our way out of Fin & Feather, I spotted a critter that I'm not sure what it was.  Joan thinks it's a beaver, I think it's either a Marmet or a Woodchuck.  See for yourself on the Where In The State photo gallery & let me know what you think.  You know the more I think about it, it could've been a young BIG FOOT!  Just kidding.
Day 2 took us to Robbers Cave State Park.  If you've NEVER been to this state park you MUST go.  The cabbins are really cool as you can see on the Where In The State gallery & they have a breath taking view.  Then you get to climb all over the rocks & caves that Belle Starr, Jesse James, The Youngers & The Dalton gang hid out during the Wild West!  Just in case you're wondering...Belle's so called hidden treasure isn't in those mountains.  Or so they say  ;)  We did the show from the nature center where I held a corn snake, YES it was a live snake, Shawn.  The nature center is really cool, there are snakes, fish, turtles, spiders, etc... in there & they all have back stories to go with them.  You gotta check it out.  The funniest thing that happened @ the Nature Center this morning was Joan getting scared by a cardboard Belle Starr.  It was dark, there were only the three of us in the nature center, her, me & Merle Cox the park manager...&...wait for it...Cardboard Belle.  She's kind of peeking through a window & well you guessed it, Joan for a split second thought someone was checking us out.  Look out Ghost Hunters.
The broadcast went great & now we're getting ready to head to Lago Vista in the Broken Bow area.  Be sure to follow along with the pictures on the Where In The State photo gallery, right here daily or on Joan's blog @
Gotta run.
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