Magic 104.1 and American Fidelity present the Magic Teacher Feature.

Nominate your teacher today to win weekly prizes, plus our Teacher of the Year will win $500 from American Fidelity!

Weekly winners will receive a gift certificates from Digiprint, Half Price Books and other fun prizes.

Winners will be announced Tuesdays mornings at 8:15am.

Nominate your teacher today!


Our Latest Teacher of the Week Winner 10/09/12
Mrs. Shannon Brackeen

Mrs. Brackeen teaches @ Broadmoore Elementary School in the Moore Public School District & has been teaching for @ least 20 years. Even though teaching hasn't been easy, she took the time to write several grants & has been awarded for her school over $4,000.00 for special projects like robotics. Mrs. Brackeen is someone who goes above & beyond for others & her students. Thank you Mrs. Brackeen for ALL you do.  (pictured l-r Principal Massy & Mrs. Shannon Brackeen)

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