Magic 104.1 and American Fidelity present the Magic Teacher Feature.

Nominate your teacher today to win weekly prizes, plus our Teacher of the Year will win $500 from American Fidelity!

Weekly winners will receive a gift certificates from Digiprint, Half Price Books and other fun prizes.

Winners will be announced Tuesdays mornings at 8:15am.

Nominate your teacher today!


Our Latest Teacher of the Week Winner 12/04/12
Mrs. Joanne Harman

Mrs. Joanne Harman, 4th grade teacher & Whiz Kids administrator @ Lindwood Elementary. Mrs. Harman works to improve the well being & performance of her inner city students, much like the Whiz Kids program. Mrs. Harman give much of her time to promoting these at risk students sot that they can believe in their ability to reach their dreams. She comes on Tuesdays after school to update how the kids are doing in Whiz Kids. She also teachers English to most of their parents on other week nights. Thank you Mrs. Joanne Harman for your above & beyond approach & for your passion for helping children in need.  (pictured l-r Principal Combs & Mrs. Harman).

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