Magic 104.1 and American Fidelity present the Magic Teacher Feature.

Nominate your teacher today to win weekly prizes, plus our Teacher of the Year will win $500 from American Fidelity!

Weekly winners will receive a gift certificates from Digiprint, Half Price Books and other fun prizes.

Winners will be announced Tuesdays mornings at 8:15am.

Nominate your teacher today!


Our Latest Teacher of the Week Winner 01/22/13
Miss Faye Alexander

Mrs. Faye Alexander is a kindergarten teacher at Little Axe Elementary. She loves her job & is very determined to make sure each child learns as much as possible. She takes work home every night & takes workshops on weekends & during the summer. She is always thinking on how to improve her teaching skills. She strives everyday to do the best she can for her students. Mrs. Alexander encourages her fellow teachers to be the best teachers they can be & it's great to see how her students love & admire her. Thank you Mrs. Faye Alexander for making such an impact on our youth.  (picture not available).

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