Magic 104.1 and American Fidelity present the Magic Teacher Feature.

Nominate your teacher today to win weekly prizes, plus our Teacher of the Year will win $500 from American Fidelity!

Weekly winners will receive a gift certificates from Digiprint, Half Price Books and other fun prizes.

Winners will be announced Tuesdays mornings at 8:15am.

Nominate your teacher today!


Our Latest Teacher of the Week Winner 02/12/13
Mrs. Sally Kilby

Mrs. Sally Kilby 5th grade teacher at Will Rogers Elementary is highly regarded by her students & peers. Peek inside her classroom on any given day & you'll see a climate of mutual respect between students & teacher. Mrs. Kilby builds positive caring relationships with her students & maintains high expectations at the same time. She takes the time to help students think through decisions & look for more positivie solutions. Mrs. Kilby is an asset to the Will Rogers Staff & to the teaching profession. Hopefully Mrs. Sally Kilby will be KMGL's Teacher of the Year 2013. She is AWESOME!  (pictured l-r Mr.s Kilby, Mateo Jones a past student of hers & Principal John Lunn).


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