Magic 104.1 and American Fidelity Assurance present the Magic Teacher Feature.

Nominate your teacher today to win weekly prizes, plus our Teacher of the Year will
win $500 from American Fidelity Assurance!

Weekly winners will receive a gift card from DigiPrint, Homeland Supermarkets,
The Market at Quail Springs and Mardel.

Winners will be announced Tuesdays mornings at 8:15am.

CLICK HERE to nominate your teacher today!


Our Latest Teacher of the Week Winner 10/29/13
Mr. Emmett Brotherton

Mr. Emmett Brotherton teaches geography at Deer Creek Middle School. Mr. Brotherton is one of the students’ favorite teachers at Deer Creek Middle School. He makes learning about geography fun! As a relatively new teacher, Mr. Brotherton brings a fresh perspective to teaching his middle school students. His sense of humor is appreciated in the classroom. His students also recognize Mr. Brotherton’s efforts to be fair to everyone. Mr. Emmett Brotherton we thank you for bringing FRESH teaching ideas to the classroom to further grow your youth. KEEP IT UP! (pictured l-r Mr. Emmett Brotherton & Principal Reuben Bellows)

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