Unfit to be tied

USA-Portugal shows why Americans hate ties

     Sunday’s World Cup draw with Portugal showed why Americans don’t like ties in sports. It’s why overtimes, extra innings and shootouts exist.

     Trouble is, we didn’t need a heartbreakinig 2-2 score to remind us ties are downright un-American. Ditto for draws.

     The only thing that might -- might -- make a tie/draw more bearable is when you’re the team that ties the score. On Sunday, America was the tyee, losing the win 94½ minutes into a 90-minute match.

     It is the latest non-win in World Cup history.

     A tie supposedly “is like kissing your sister,” not a particularly worthwhile venture unless your sister is, say, Kate Upton.

     The origin of that quote has been credited to both Bear Bryant and Darrell Royal.

     Actually, it was first cited in print as coming from Navy coach Eddie Erdelatz, who also is credited with “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

     Sure wish ties would "get going."

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